About the Sonoma Collage Studio

In her book on the Sonoma Collage Studio   Lindsay Whiting describes Von Hawley and Jacobsen as: "...imaginative, independent, irrepressible, unassuming, spontaneous, guileless, and deeply wise... magical midwives..." Both are convinced that, "everyone can do art. Everyone is creative," and their workshops are empirical evidence of the truth of this bold statement. Their gentle urging generates a freedom in participants to let loose and express themselves in a warm, inviting, encouraging environment.

Interview With Barbara Jacobsen About the Collage Studio and Journey Book Workshops

The Artwork of Barbara Jacobsen

Barbara was named Sonoma Artist Treasure for 2012 by the Sonoma Cultural and Fine Arts Commission.

These videos are two in a series of productions featuring Sonoma artists by Seven Moons Production team - Janis Kobe, Judi Danner and Jim Bowden.


Audrey Von Hawley
By Audrey Von Hawley